SWIT S-9104 4-SDI Quad-Viewer, HDMI Output, 19" Rack 1Uthumb

SWIT S-9104 4-SDI Quad-Viewer, HDMI Output, 19" Rack 1U

kr. 11,485 ex. vat

4-SDI Quad Viewer

The S-9104 is the SDI Quad Viewer of 4 SDI input, and output HDMI or SDI in quad split display mode, which is widely used in broadcast studios to monitor 4 SDI signals by 1 HDMI television.
It’s 19-inch 1U designed, and can be installed in standard broadcast racks.


Input and Output

S-9104 Quad Viewer supports:
HD/SD-SDI input ×4
HD/SD-SDI loop output ×4
HDMI Quad-split output ×1
HD/SD-SDI Quad-split output ×1
3.5mm analog audio output ×1

HD / SD Mixed Inputs

Currently quite a few of broadcast studios produce both HD and SD programs, and S-9104 Quad Viewer supports HD-SDI and SD-SDI mixed input and quad-split output via SDI or HDMI.
The mixable formats are: SDI 1080i50 with SDI 576i; SDI 1080i60 with SDI 480i. And the ratio of SD channel can be adjusted to 4:3

 Full Screen Switching Display

Besides the Quad-split mode, you can also select 1 input channel to full screen display, and switch to other input channels conveniently by the pressing the buttons on the front panel of S-9104.

Embedded Audio Monitoring

By audio meters or headphone outputThe Quad-split output or full screen switching output support 2 channels of SDI embedded audio meters display for each input channel. The audio meter is green, and will turn yellow when exceeds -20dB, and turn red when exceeds -9dB.
And you can select the input channel to output SDI embedded audio via 3.5mm headphone socket. 

 UMD/TALLY and Alerting

S-9104 support UMD and TALLY display of TSL Protocal, and will alert "NO SIGNAL", "MUTE", "FROZEN FRAME" or "BLACK FRAME" when detected video/audio lost and any abnormal of input SDI signals.

Power Supply

The S-9104 can be powered via the 4-pin XLR socket of DC 12V input on the rear panel.

A 4-pin XLR power adaptor is provided in the product package.