SWIT S-4310 Power/HDMI Distribution Box For Shoulder Rigs

kr. 2.400 ex. vat

Swit's S-4310 power distribution adapter is specifically designed for shoulder rigs. The adaptor distributes the V-mount battery power to 2x 7.2V pole DC output, 1x 14.4V D-tap DC output, for camera, monitor and light on the rig. The S-4310 also features built-in HDMI input and 2 HDMI output, applicable for video DSLR cameras.

S-4310 Power Distribution adaptor for Shoulder Rig
- V-mount battery power input
- 2×7.2V pole DC output
- 1×14.4V D-tap DC output
- Build-in HDMI 1 to 2 distributions
- Standard 15mm/60mm rods application

Input voltage

DC 14.4V, V-mount battery

Output voltage

Pole DC 7.2V ×2

D-tap DC 14.4V ×1

HDMI input

1 standard HDMI input

HDMI out

2 standard HDMI output

Fit rod diameter


Fit rod distance


Net weight

Approx 670g