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In the past 25 years Ambient Timecode has become the synonym for precision and reliability. Today it is the go-to solution for video and audio professionals worldwide. Renowned Post-Production facilities demand the use of Ambient Timecode on set as they know they can reliably safe time.


The small, wireless and easy-to-use Timecode Generator

Purchased Part Package

  • NanoLockit (ACN-NL)
  • TC-cable, 5-pin LEMO TO RA 3.5 TRS, coiled, wired to tip., BI-DIRECTIONAL (TC-IO-35RA)
  • USB-Cable, USB-A connector (plug) to Micro-USB B (male) (IT-uUSB-05)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Antenna caps (NL-AntK)
  • Lanyard (NL-UHB)
  • 2x Reclosable fasteners (NL-DL)
  • The NanoLockit is the latest addition to the Lockit familiy. With its small size, its pure simplicity and the highest possible accuracy it is the timecode solution for everyone!
  • Plug & Play Timecode

    Setting up Timecode and Framerate is a snap. Just plug the NanoLockit to the TC Out port of another device and it’s automatically set and ready to sync – without any additional apps

    One Button Syncing

    Jamming via cable in the lunch break? Relics of the past. Just press one button and wirelessly sync all the other devices and you won’t need to take care of timecode for the rest of the day.

    See how to get it up and running

    in 60 seconds

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    Small Size

    The camera department will love it: the industry standard Ambient Timecode is now smaller than ever before.

    Quick Start

    Control your NanoLockit with easy-to-operate buttons. Start working right away using the built-in Real Time Clock.

    Energy Management

    The rechargable battery makes the NanoLockit extraordinarily eco-friendly. It fully charges in 2 hours and lasts for 35+ hours.

    ACN Inside

    Wireless timecode that simply works – thanks to the reliable ACN inside. The ACN is our Lockit-specific, long-range radio network that transmits timecode and metadata.

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    The buttons control all important functions. There’s no need for an app to adjust settings in the field. Use the built-in real time clock or feed in external timecode via the LEMO port.

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    The NanoLockit is part of the Lockit Family and works perfectly together with his bigger brothers. Use it for DSLR shoots as well as for big Hollywood productions.

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    The robust, aluminium body and the self-locking LEMO interface makes your NanoLockit a long-life companion – even in rough on-set use cases.


    Syncing the timecode of your cameras and audio recorders on-set using NanoLockits will save you hours each day in post-production. Clips generated from synced devices can be auto-conformed with one mouse click in professional editing software.