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The X1 is an advanced production rig for adding professional microphones, lights or extra batteries to your mobile camera. A modular and portable solution that can be configured quickly for handheld use or mounted on a tripod.

How it works

Mount your smartphone

Hold your phone securely using the adjustable grip

The X1 kit includes our standard G1 grip.  An adjustable clamp for holding virtually any smartphone model with or without a case. The G1 is the most professional solution for holding your mobile device securely thanks to its thumbscrew mechanism and wide rubber pads.

Shoulderpod G1 tripod mount for iPhone

Go Handheld

Set up your rig and add different accessories to your smartphone camera

Add a microphone, light, an action camera or an extra battery to your mobile device. Use the included plate, knobs, coldshoe, handles and wrist strap for building up your own setup and expand the possibilities of your smartphone camera.

Shoulderpod X1 professional rig for iPhone

Mount your tripod

Switch to tripod mode easily whenever you need to

All parts include a standard 1/4"-20 thread, so you can mount your final setup on any tripod or rig at anytime. No tools required. 

Shoulderpod X1 professional smartphone and iphone tripod rig

Portability and premium quality

The perfect match for the most demanding professionals

Shoulderpod X1 - professional rig for iPhone

Shoulderpod X1 professional iphone rig

Shoulderpod X1 professional modular rig for iphone

Shoulderpod X1 professional tripod rig for iphone

Shoulderpod X1 iphone rig mobile journalism mojo

Designed and Industrially Crafted in Barcelona

All Shoulderpod parts are made in local workshops in the Barcelona area while final assembly is done with a lot of care by our own team of craftsmen


Shoulderpod Barcelona - We believe in industrial craftsmanship

Expand your X1

It's part of a Modular System

The Shoulderpod platform has been designed as a modular system. Start with one of our basic configurations and grow from there with additional parts and accessories. When travelling select only the parts you need and avoid carrying that heavy backpack full of unnecessary gear.

Shoulderpod X1 - professional rig for iPhone modular system


Misplaced a part? No worries!

We don't like a world where products are designed to become useless after a short period of time. That's why we offer replacements of most of our basic parts. Please contact us and let us know what you need.

Shoulderpod replacements