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Main Features

- VictorSoft (strong and soft) with 300W power draw

- Powered by AC power adatper or V-lock broadcating battery      

- Removabe, clip-in 4-way barndoor or optional honeycomb grid

- AC power adapter can be attached to the light

- Bi-color 3200K to 5600K, from Tungsten to Daylight variable.        

- High CRI of 96 and above.

- 120° wide beam, flicker free.                                               

- Rear LCD display of the brightness and color temperature.  

- Metal construction and unique 2x2 size

- Easy to operate when out of the box, used for both studio or location work as a photo light

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VictorSoft series has big progress in lighting source and it performs as well as C series LED edge light in color rendering property, but much better in illuminance and light-emitting area.The light-emitting area of VictoSoft 2x2 is 76x85cm and the illuminance reaches 8850Lux/m. It has the biggest lighting-emitting area among all the square size lights Lishuai has.

VictorSoft 2x2 is a powerful soft light. It draws 300W and gives a rather beautiful and strong but soft light beam with no hotspots and multiple showdows that a traditional LED light may have.       

The light has a built-in diffusor that people do not need to use additonal white diffusors. It becomes so easy to operate when out of the box. Put it on a light stand, clip in the barndoor to the light and then power the light with the provided AC power adatper and power cord. Or use it in the Studio with the DMX function of the light. The AC adapter now can be attached to the light that no worry the adapter will dropped down or the cable become messy.



 LED Light Source


 Color temperature


 Brightness/Light Intensity

 8850Lux/m, 2600Lux/2m

 Power draw


 Beam angle




 Lamp Lifetime

 50,000 hrs

 Working Voltage

 AC100-240V, DC24-30V

 External Power

 Sony V-mount battery plate 2pcs


 Yoke with standard pin receiver baby 5/8”




 15.63kg (34.38lb)


What is included

1 x Victor 2x2 (V-5000ASVL)

1 x Barndoor

1 x Yoke

1 x AC power adapter

1 x Power Cord

1 x DMX cable

1 x Safety cable